Using our ancestry to engage with primal power… embodying our ancestors and embracing their power.



Alan Wildsmith, Psychotherapist and Course Leader at Northern Guild

Primal power is within us, it’s what got us here, and it’s why we’re alive at this very moment.

We are the end result of this process, we survived and grow because of the struggles our ancestors went through and we, will pass this power on to countless other people, either through our genes, our interactions or simply because of who we are and what we believe in.

What is Primal Power?

It’s physis, it’s energy within us that can be stuck and/or hidden. It’s what we’re told to be ashamed of or apologise for, it’s often what we don’t use in this modern world when every inch of us wants to, and sometimes needs to.

Primal power is a fundamental part of our being. What makes a person able to lift up a car when a child is beneath it? Primal power. It’s instinct. It’s here, and it can be tapped into and channelled. It’s in a seed bursting through the soil toward the sun, it’s in a child told to sit still and listen when all they want to do is burst into action. It’s innate.

Tribes connect with their ancestors’ power through noise, dance, movement and visualisation. They see, feel, focus and express it. It flows through their culture, pumps through their veins and it tingles in their skin. This is some of how we will be engaging with what has gone before us, and what is within.

The modern age seems obsessed with ‘reason’ and ‘fact’. During this workshop it will help if you cast this way of thinking out of your mind and allow yourself become intuitive.

A tribe in the rainforest doesn’t need to know if their dance is statistically more likely to have an effect on their well being than their neighbouring tribe’s dance? They don’t need to ‘know’ that. The way they connect to their ancestry and the forest around them works and they know intuitively that this gives them strength.

In this workshop, we will be tapping into the latent, unique power that is within us. We will be using movement, imagery and ancestry to draw upon, reveal and focus your power.

 A taster session for this workshop will be running in Freudz Café at 5-9pm, Saturday 3rd September 2016 at 83 Jesmond Road, Newcastle. It will be at a cost of £20 per person. Numbers are restricted.

 Bring loose clothing in which you can be flexible and comfortable to move around in. It may also be helpful to bring a towel and some water bottles.

How to Book

To book your place, please complete our online workshop application form, email [email protected] or call our office on 0191 209 8383.

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