Jennie Mcnamara on NG return to Teesside - GazetteLive

Jennie McNamara, Psychotherapist and Director of Northern Guild (Courtesy of GazetteLive)


Northern Guild Director Jennie McNamara was recently interviewed by GazetteLive about Northern Guild’s return to providing training courses in Teesside and her experiences in her career as a leading Psychotherapist.

Northern Guild’s accredited training began at our Teesside centre, but the growing number of students led to a move to larger premises in Newcastle upon Tyne more than a decade ago.  Last year Northern Guild re-launched accredited training courses at the Teesside centre.  The Teesside Child Evening course was launched last year and has been going from strength to strength. A full cohort of students are expected to start this October 2016.

The full Teesside GazetteLive article is here.