Northern Guild is 40 this year! The walls of our centres are alive with the energy and passion of the wonderful people who have stopped awhile to share their stories. From those who came carrying heavy labels that squashed and belittled them, to some of the children of Cleveland suddenly caught up in a bewildering tidal wave of medical diagnosis, to the so-called ‘worried well’ who had nowhere to turn because services simply didn’t exist for them. Our centres vibrate and pulse with the life-force of those determined to transform themselves and their lives.

Our students, our magnificent students, pioneered the first voluntary GP Placements in Counselling in the North East, if not the UK.  For 40 years our trainees have provided thousands and thousands of hours of free counselling to people in communities throughout the land. And our Graduates are some of the most respected Psychotherapists and Counsellors in the country, highly sought after to fill  vital professional roles.

We have lived through some strange times together, most recently Covid distancings and lockdowns. We have seen our profession erupt into Zoom and embrace the digital when three short years before it was decreed impossible and anti-therapeutic.

It is time stop and stare. To come together to share our memories, to celebrate our achievements, to wonder in disbelief how such an insignificant little acorn fed only with love, passion and gritty determination, grew into such a mighty oak. Come and share in making that tapestry of memories from NOW to THEN. Make this a Celebration to Remember!

On September 8th our Graduation will be held in the afternoon at Acklam Hall. It will be followed in the evening by a Celebration Party with live music, yummy food and lots, lots more.

Save the Date! That’s 8th September.

We’ll let you know more very soon.