Carolyn & Alison

Last month we took part in Dr Richard Erskine’s two day workshop: Shame, Obsession & Habitual Worrying: A Perspective from Relational and Integrative Psychotherapy. 

We had prepared for this event by doing some worrying of our own!  Would we feel foolish alongside a group of practicing therapists, we wondered.   As we approached the end of our second year of training, we imagined their years of experience.  Would we fit in?  Would we feel shame and regret our decision to take part?

However, Erskine’s contribution to psychotherapy forms part of our core teaching and  we quickly  felt at home with his relational and integrative approach.  Although this was not a TA workshop, we could detect the TA theory underlying the integrative approach of the workshop.  As we listened, enthusiastically scribbling notes, our worries fell away and we felt increasingly at ease.  And why wouldn’t we?  His training affirmed the quality of teaching and supervision we have at the Guild.  In fact, our tutor, Sarah Clarke, was in the room and as Erskine spoke of meeting developmental needs and working with ‘the client in the room’, we exchanged knowing looks!

We so appreciate the quality of the training we have been able to access at Northern Guild, including the training therapy which is indispensable in helping us to understand and connect with ourselves.  We have experienced ‘Hallelujah’ moments, embraced change, and developed new relationships with self and others.  When Erskine asked a question of the audience on the second day, guess whose hand shot up?  With the answer he wanted, too!