Going, Going, Scone!

Puppets are on a Quest…

Guilderness Films trailer featuring Howler the Wolf, Grace the Eagle, Streamer the Salmon and Boomer the Thunderbird highlighting Creative Methods & Child Counselling training at […]

By |2nd February, 2018|NG Articles|

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Film Review: Goodbye Christopher Robin

Review written by Sarah Bell

Goodbye Christopher Robin is the charming and imperfect story of the how the beloved companion we know as Winnie-the-Pooh came to be held in […]

By |18th January, 2018|NG Articles|

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The Psychotherapist? You mean me?

Thoughts on Career Progression and Imposter Syndrome
By Sarah Clarke

Hello, my name is Sarah Clarke and I suffer from Imposter Syndrome. For those not familiar with the term, Wikipedia can […]

By |27th October, 2016|NG Articles|

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The UKCP Child Proficiency Marker

Written by Jennie McNamara, Chair College for the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies (C-CAP)


Since January 2012, UKCP has operated a specialist register for UKCP Child Psychotherapists and Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellors, […]

By |7th September, 2016|NG Articles|

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Emergent Primal Power Taster Workshop

Using our ancestry to engage with primal power… embodying our ancestors and embracing their power.

Primal power is within us, it’s what got us here, and it’s why we’re alive […]

Child Mental Health Services

By Phil Smith
At Prime Ministers Questions on the 24th February this year something extraordinary happened. In response to a labour back bencher shouting across the chamber ‘what would your […]

By |1st May, 2016|NG Articles|

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A review of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

“We all need somebody to lava”
“You knew exactly what this was about, didn’t you?” asked my bemused partner, half-way through watching this delightful, funny and moving film. It’s true […]

By |15th March, 2016|NG Articles|

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Open Evening approaching

Our Open Evening is an opportunity to come along and meet students and staff in an informal and friendly setting. If you are thinking of training as a counsellor or […]

Novitiation – a rite of passage for a 5 year old boy

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